content marketing

"Vanessa is both a writer and a strategist. She is both strategy- and audience-driven, which means that everything she writes achieves high levels of engagement online. 

Vanessa also realizes how important feedback is in the creative process. She welcomes input and reworks things quickly and professionally. I truly enjoyed collaborating with her and seeing her creative talent come alive. 

She is a great team member, a solid content marketer, writer and editor, and is also an exceptional person. Vanessa will be an asset to any team lucky enough to land her."

—Denise Willard, VP Marketing


"Vanessa and I worked at the same organization in Seoul, South Korea. She has a pleasant, easy-going disposition with a positive attitude in the workplace that creates an excellent rapport with colleagues and customers. Vanessa is very well organized, detail-oriented, a good communicator, efficient and extremely competent. Her professionalism is a well-balanced blend of seasoned experience and approachability." 

—Kyla Wright
Former ESL Teacher with SDA Language School


"Vanessa has an exceptional ability to compellingly communicate a brand’s story and design sensibility to envision how content will be presented or distributed over multiple formats. She is a true master of her craft and it has been a great experience working with her. I highly recommend Vanessa for any role."

—Kris Kessler, Marketing Manager


"One must have at least two of three components when it comes to translation: be a native speaker, perform a technical translation and transmit the right tone. I can truly say that Vanessa has displayed all three of them in our various publishing projects. She is aware of divisions in culture and unifies them within the right parameters, giving the reading experience a natural flow."

—Peter Lopez
Author and Publishing Consultant


"I have found Vanessa's writing to be honest and inspirational—two things that go hand in hand, but are challenging to pair transparently. Her ability to provide perspective through her words has me looking forward to reading her work, knowing that I will walk away having gained something meaningful."

—Rae Visita
Managing Partner, Kasama Media


"I had the privilege of working with Vanessa as an English Teacher in Korea. She was detail-oriented, hardworking and very thoughtful. What I liked most about working with Vanessa is her rare ability to share ideas that often would stretch my mind beyond its original dimensions."

—Dushime Gashugi
EPIC Credentialed Trainer, Loma Linda University


“I worked with Vanessa on several projects; her commitment to deliver high quality content is unmatched. Her contributions and ideas for each project were very innovative. The way she writes her articles creates a spark that touches each reader. I hope to work with a talent like her again and would recommend her as an important asset.”

—Miguel Quintero, Senior Web Developer